Confined Space Entry Training
Under current Ontario Regulations, all individuals required to conduct work inside a confined space must receive training on the proper entry of a confined space. Firestar Services Inc. can facilitate this type of training for any size or type of business. Training programs are geared toward making the entry a safe one as per Ontario Regulations. Our one day program will prepare the worker for what is needed to make the entry.

Confined Space Rescue Training
For businesses that want to train their own personnel in confined space rescue, Firestar Services Inc. can facilitate this need by providing training programs to ensure that all aspects of Ontario Regulations on confined space rescue are met. Individuals will be trained in either Operations or Technician level depending upon the need of the employer. Training can take place on site at the workplace or at a training facility locally.

Industrial Firefighting Training
Industrial fire brigades requiring training to either refresh skills learned prior or to learn new skills can utilize Firestar Services Inc. to facilitate this training. Training can be conducted either at the industrial site or at a training facility locally. Topics that can be facilitated are:

•Fire extinguisher training
•Incident Command Training
•Crew resource Management
•Interior Structural firefighting
•Exterior Structural firefighting
•Standpipe operations
•Master stream operations
•Nozzle management
•Hose line management

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